Ferris Wheel Ride For Sale

The ferris wheel ride, also called giant wheel, observation wheel, panoramic wheel, carousel wheel or gondola wheel, is a landmark of the amusement or theme park, and can be also as a city landmark. When passengers sit in the ferris wheel and slowly turn up, with the wheel gradually increased, and passengers can overlook the surrounding scenery from a height. By the way, Beston ferris wheel ride for sale is very popular with people of different age groups.

ferris wheel ride for sale
ferris wheel ride for sale

Introduction of Ferris Wheel Ride

The ferris wheel ride is an unstructured structure that consists of rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying components(often referred to as passenger cars, tubs, cabins, gondolas, capsules or pods), which are attached to the rim in such a way that when the wheels turn, and they are usually kept upright by gravity. In general, there are two ways to keep the gondola upright: one is gravity, and the other is to use a motor to independently rotate each car mounted on the rim to keep it upright.

Each ferris wheel amusement ride can be decorated with the special themes according to your requirements. Besides, the wheel also can be equipped with the special LED lights, which looks very beautiful in the night. Beston ferris wheel is ride a perfect centrepiece drawing guests from miles away among all the attractions, which represents the most classical and beautiful attraction in a park. When you want to beautify your park and let your visitors appreciate the beautiful scenery and enjoy the serene life, you can choose ferris wheel to make your visitors relax themselves. It is necessary to purchase the right ferris wheel for your park.

Different Types of Amusement Park Ferris Wheels For Sale

The ferris wheel rides can be divided into three styles according to the structure, support arm with spoke, truss style, single arm basket style, but the single arm basket style can be only made under 30m high. It can be also divided into the below sizes according to the height, 20m, 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m, 88m, 104m and 120m. From the material, there are two types of cabin: fiberglass and aluminum alloy, from the capacity, it can be also divided into 4 seats cabin and 6 seats cabin. The following is the detailed parameters of Beston ferris wheels:

20m Ferris Wheel
20m Ferris Wheel
Capacity: 48 persons
Height: 20m
Cabin: 12
Occupied Area: 17*14 m
Wheel diameter: 17.98 m
Rotating Speed: 0.2 m/s
Total Power: 18 KW
Total Driving Power: 6KW
Voltage: 380 V, 50Hz

large ferris wheel
large ferris wheel with 30m
Capacity: 72 persons
Height: 30m
Cabin: 18
Turning diameter: 25.6m
Total power: 20KW
Turning diameter: 25.6m
Area: 18m*16m
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

42m Ferris Wheel
42m Ferris Wheel
Capacity: 4*24=96
Cabin Number: 24pcs
Rated Power: 25kw
Driven Power: 16kw
Wheel Diameter: 38.4m
Total Height: 42m
Occupied Area: 31*28m
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

50m Ferris Wheel
50m Ferris Wheel
Capacity: 4*32=128
Cabin Number: 32pcs
Rated Power: 25kw
Driven Power: 18kw
Wheel Diameter: 45.14m
Total Height: 50m
Occupied Area: 35*32m
Voltage: 380V 50Hz

65m Ferris Wheel
65m Ferris Wheel
Capacity: 6*36=216
Cabin Number: 36pcs
Rated Power: 100kw
Driven Power: 26.4kw
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Wheel Diameter: 59.85m
Total Height: 65m
Occupied Area: 38*32m

big ferris wheel
big ferris wheel with 88m
Capacity: 6*56=324
Cabin Number: 54pcs
Driven Power: 45kw
Circle Time: 15mins
Wheel Diameter: 83m
Total Height: 88m
Occupied Area: 42*36m
Voltage: 380V,50Hz

huge ferris wheel
huge ferris wheel with 104m
Capacity: 6*60=360
Cabin Number: 60pcs
Driven Power: 55kw
Circle time: 18mins
Wheel Diameter: 99m
Total Height: 104m
Occupied Area: 42*36m
Voltage: 380V,50Hz

Main Advantages of Giant Ferris Wheel

  • The height of ferris wheel (usually 20-120m) is optional. Besides, both lights and cabins can be also customized;
  • The main material of the scaffold is the optimization of seamless steel tubes, which not only has high strength but also has a much better appearance than spiral welded tubes.
  • For all cabins, the frame uses high-strength aluminum alloy profiles and uses special molding to achieve high accuracy. The skin is made of aluminum alloy sheet, and the surface coating is made of high-grade baking paint and baking paint. It has bright color and strong anti-corrosion performance.
  • The window adopts imported acrylic sheet, which has good light transmittance and strong anti-aging property.
  • Equip with air conditioning and audio equipment. The overall design of the cabin is well-chosen, with elegant appearance, fine workmanship and comfortable ride.
  • Beston company can provide the professional design, production, installation and after-sales services for all the customers.

Do You Know How A Ferris Wheel Works?

Generally speaking, the working principle of Beston ferris wheel ride can be described as follows:

Plus a layer of friction ring between the two wheels of the motor, the motors provide power for the wheels, which makes the friction ring rotation, then lead to the multiple cockpits rotate around the central axis(Note: when the weather is bad or the wind speed is more than 15 m/s, the ferris wheel should stop running). During the operation, in the event of an emergency power shutoff or other accident, the entire operating system of the ferris wheel will have backup power and other safeguards measures, which normally will not allow passengers to stay in the air.

Buy Cheap Ferris Wheel Rides From Beston Group

At present, there are many ferris wheel manufacturers, But for those customers who want to buy high-quality ferris wheels, it is very important to find a professional and reliable manufacturer. Beston company mainly produces all kinds of large, medium and small amusement equipment, and undertakes and expands the planning and design, engineering construction and operation management of indoor and outdoor theme parks (playgrounds) and investment management of amusement projects.

The main products include roller coaster ride, ferris wheel, carousel ride, rotary octopus ride, sky tower ride, self-control plane ride, bumper cars, train and trackless trains, pirate ship ride, chair swing ride, flying disco ride, tagada ride, miami ride, water equipment, etc. Our products have been exported to these countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Britain, Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam and other countries and regions.

If you really want to set up a ferris wheel in your park, and our salesman will give you some good suggestions, including the models, prices,etc. Please contact us now or leave a message below, and we are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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