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A trackless train is a kind of amusement park train rides without track for kids which can be capable of carrying people to anywhere they want in the amusement parks, theme parks or municipal parks. Different people call it different names in different places: tram in U.S. English; trackless trains and parking lot tram in North America; road train, land train, fiberglass train or Choo-Choo train in Europe. It is a kind of road-going articulated vehicles with rubber tyres (without track: the outstanding difference compared with track trains or rail mounted ), which pull one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings. Beston amusement equipment Co., Ltd. Manufactures and supplies electric trackless trains for sale with 4 carriages and there are 4 seats in every carriage. BESTON trackless trains are equipped with dedicated battery powered locomotives with excellent quality, which has no air pollution. It is a kind of fairly welcomed tourist trains in many public places, such as Tourism Areas, Amusement Parks, Commercial Pedestrian Street, Parks, Housing Estate, and so on.

According to the materials, there are mainly two types of trackless trains in Beston: fiberglass trackless trains and solid wood trackless trains:

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Beston Amusement Trackless Trains for Sale

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Beston trackless trains with fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP, 100% original) can be fairly durable, firm, environment-friendly, erosion-resistant, and highly stable. Then our staff paints it with the top quality paint which can be exceptional durability and vibrant, long-lasting color, which makes our trackless trains more attractive and has a longer service life. Besides, our amusement park trains are equipped with gorgeous light and exciting music, which can add more happiness and pleasures to visitors’ journey. What’s more, as the environment and air quality are always quite worse, it is not very suitable for little kids to run and play outside because it is bad for their health. But riding on the trackless trains in the parks can help them exercise themselves and bring much more fun for them at the same time.

BKR-WG16a  Kiddie Electric Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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BKR-Tl16a Kiddie Electric Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Model: BKR-WG16a
Capacity: 16 adults or 24 kids
Loco size: 2900*1160*1920 mm
Dimension: 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning radius: 3.5m
Max speed: 10km/h
Range: 80km
Power: 3kw
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The Solid Wood Trackless Trains is also a hot sale kiddie train rides from Beston amusement equipment, which can be widely seen in many amusement parks and theme parks. The fun kiddie train rides is powered by a silent 48-volt electric motor and the electric battery. Our carnival park trains without track have constantly updated cartoon figures and colorful painting, which can make kids play merrily and enjoy great happiness. Depending on the terrain, the train will run around 80 km per charge. Based on a 50% usage ratio, the running time comes to around 20 hours indoor and 15 hours for outdoor use.

BKR-WG16b Buy Solid Wood Mini Electric Trackless Train Cheap

rideable thomas the train with track
BNTT-16A-2 Fiberglass Thomas Trackless Train for Sale

Model: BKR-WG16b
Locomotive: 1 person
Coach: 16 persons
Load: 16 persons
Voltage: 380V
Power: 3KW
Required container: 1*40HQ
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There exist to be several types of trackless trains in Beston Group according to the applications, such as party trackless trains, shopping mall trackless trains, garden trackless trains, barrel trackless trains. The electric trackless trains for kids can increase much more interests and happiness to the children in the birthday party and make the party unforgettable. The trackless trains in the shopping mall can provide many conveniences for parents when shopping in the mall and attract more customers to your malls to create more benefits for you. Beston kiddie train generally can hold 12 to 24 children and adults. Many specifications of Beston electric park train rides can be customized, such as appearance, sizes, colors, etc.. To meet all the requirements of our customers. You can buy all types of trackless trains from Beston. Please contact us! Our sales manager will reply to you as soon as possible and give you a satisfying response with a free quotation.

Features of Trackless Trains from Beston Amusement:

1. Beston trackless trains have advantages of professional technique, novel design, attractive appearance (including cute cartoon theme), low noises, no air pollution, safe operation, highest quality and reasonable price.
2. Trackless train in BESTON company is made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Steel, which is environmental friendly corrosion-resistant and stable material, prolonging the service life of the small kiddie electric trackless train rides.
3. The trackless train is equipped with gorgeous light and wonderful music, and it has the non-deformable and non-fading painting.
4. The color, size, and appearance of the trackless train can be customized.
5. The trackless trains can make it available for visitors to reach almost all scenery effortless and are the effective instrument for visitors.
6.These mini kiddie trains are commonly seen in shopping malls, large shopping center, and recreational area, walking street, parks, playgrounds, community park, zoo, amusement parks, theme parks, and so on.

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BKR-WG16b Buy Electric Trackless Train Cheap

Model: BKR-WG16b
Carriages: 4
Seatings: 24
Design: various
Max height: 600 pass
Area required: 25m×18m
Voltage: 380V
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BKR-WG16c Hot Sale Fiberglass Kiddie Trackless Train Rides

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BNTT-40A-1 Fiberglass Kiddie Trackless Train Rides

Capacity: 40 adults(20+20) or 50 kids(25+25)
Loco size: 4300*1880*2200mm
Dimension: 15300*1880*2200mm
Minimum bending radius: ≤5.5m
Max speed: 25km/h
Battery set: 6 v – 3 – DG – 220 battery, and two pairs of 80 v 6 v / 220 ah battery
Charger: 80 v 30 a, fully automatic charger
Power: 12kw
Color: can be customize
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BKR-WG25a Quality Fiberglass Mini Electric Trackless Train Rides in Beston

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BKR-WG25a Fiberglass Mini Electric Trackless Train Rides in Beston

Model: BKR-WG25a
Capacity: 20 adults or 25children
Locomotive Dimension: 3965*1620*2210mm
Steering: 4-direction adjustable (forward-backward, up-down).
Material: reinforced fiberglass
Wagon Dimension: 3940x1810x2410mm
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BKR-WG24a Top Quality Fiberglass Electric Operated Trackless Trains Cheap

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BKR-WG24a Top Quality Fiberglass Electric Operated Trackless Trains Cheap

Model: BKR-WG24a
Capacity: 18 adults or 24 kids
Dimension: 10500*1160*1920mm
Turning radius: 3.5m
Max speed: 10km/h
Charger: 48v/45a
Range: 80km
Power: 3kw
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