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The ocean walk ride is a beautiful spinning kiddie rides which are very popular and welcomed because of the attractive appearance, novel design, and unique structure. Beston ocean walk rides have many beautiful and attractive elements, including the mysterious and beautiful mermaid, man’s best friends – naughty dolphins, lovely conch, hippocampus, small colorful shells and other marine organisms. All elements can make passengers feel they are diving in the deep sea and playing with the sea animals. So, it is quite a different experience for many people, especially for the kids. Beston supplies the ocean walk ride for sale – one of the most attractive kiddie rides in Beston at the lower prices.

More Pictures of Ocean Walk Ride for Sale in Beston:

Beston amusement park ocean walk ride, as the new type kiddie amusement park equipment, is a small and medium size amusement rides for kids which is designed on the basis of samba balloon rides and swing flying chair. And the top drive big plate of the kids rides can do the motion of tilt as well as ups and downs. When starting working, the mermaid-shaped cabins of ocean walk rides begin to rotate around the middle column of the kids rides, just like wandering randomly among various sea animals in the blue sea. You can fully experience the boundless charm of the sea and irresistible attraction and feel great pleasures from the travel on the ocean walk rides. It can not only attracts the little kids, but also the adults. It commonly available in amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playground, carnival parks, backyard and so on.

Market Prospect of Ocean Walk Rides: the outstanding advantages of ocean walk rides: high safety factor, small occupation (diameter of ocean walk ride is 6m), attractive appearance, unique design, low investment, high cost performance, etc.. Combined with the recreation characteristics of samba balloon rides and wave swinger rides, it also can make you relax yourselves, exercise your body and experience the charming of mysterious blue sea. So, it always attracts many visitors for the parks. If you are an investor, you will never regret to invest in the ocean walk rides and other kiddie rides in Beston group.

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BKR-OWR2 Hot Sale Ocean Walk Rides for Kids – Quality Beston Rides

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Why Do the Customers Choose Beston Ocean Walk Rides?

1.FRP seats make it serve you longer and 3m-4mm thickness stainless steel frame make it stronger and more durable.
2.The maximum thickness of fiberglass reinforced plastics are six layers make it safe and long-lasting.
3. Polish it with emergy cloth for more than ten times to make sure it is smooth without any welding slag.
4. MP3 function in the control cabinet supporting U disk and SD card player to load and play any music you like; new style and changing lighting decoration.
5. In Beston’s factory, there are modern production workshops, large scale exhibition hall, professional, spray-paint workshop and fiberglass reinforced plastic processing workshop.
6. Equipped with remote control unit which makes the operation easier and more convenient
7. Professional after-sales service with excellent quality.

BKR-OWR1 Quality Ocean Walk Ride for Sale Cheap in Beston Group

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